"Window Shopping"

Tis’ the season, everyone! I do not know how many of you may have noticed The Andrews Designs window in Carytown; but come on by! 

I currently occupy space directly across the street from Can Can restaurant at W. Hirsch; and have delighted in filling it with beautiful things. The texture and the palette are both warm and inviting, which lend themselves nicely for not only the festivities, but as well, the intimate family moments during these colder… and a bit fickle, months here in Richmond.  I began to build it out with a neutral tone to the space, and then added complimentary earth-tones and natural elements to represent something real in our homes. Life and love, as it is.

I walked by one evening recently, at dusk, and captured this image. I love the ambient light within it; as it inspires me to reflect on the true meaning of this season.  

The holiday season marks the importance of being lit from within, and sharing our Light with others, not just our family and those near and dear; but perhaps more importantly, with those who may have “crossed” us in some way in the past. The holiday season is about shining the light of forgiveness toward others.

And to make it all the more challenging, our contemporary consumeristic culture has diverted this message, through the years. It is now, more than ever, fraught with tension and stress. Our lives are busied making haste to fit “everything in.”  So let’s get real. Let’s stay real!

Each year, I spend more time reflecting with others about the “true meaning” of the season, and how it is, thankfully, becoming more a reality in my own life, rather than an ideation, within my family; and nothing delights me more than to help you to create this for your family, too!

So, stop by, linger for a moment and take it all in. Better yet, give me a call. I would be happy to meet you at Can Can for coffee.  We could simply sit and look… and share a moment together.

All the very best to everyone!